heritageWilliam Jenkinson here, I'm a Scarborough lad born and bred and from my earliest memories have always had a love for fishing,the sea and my hometown. I am proud to be the latest generation Jenkinson to go to sea. Our forefathers settled in Filey just down the coast from Scarborough. I am following in the footsteps of my late Father Bill and my grandfather Colin 'Dilt' Jenkinson who has recently retired, aged 85 after 70 years at sea (an incredible record that I am hoping to match or maybe even beat one day!). I myself went to sea at the age of 7 just for fun in the holidays, couldn't get enough even at that age and continued to go whenever I could up until 2001 when, as soon as I had finished my last GCSE with the ink barely dry on my answers, my Dad picked me up and I was off on my first full time fishing trip on my Grandfather's trawler the 'Our Pride'. Eager to prove my worth, a tough crew taught me the tricks of the trade and definitely took no prisoners during my teaching! I have never looked back....

Back in the 60's my Gran used to have a seafood stall and before trawling my Grandad used to catch shellfish for her so we are now coming full circle except its her grandson now bringing her in the seafood to dress. With many years of experience, not only is our seafood the best you will find but also the most expertly dressed and prepared by one of the best in the business.

Today, after a decision by my late father a few years ago to step away from trawling and to get into potting, we now sail in the 'Our Sharon', we target crabs and lobsters along the North Yorkshire coastline. The early bird catches the ... best shellfish and so you'll usually find us heading out at early in the morning to empty our pots, bringing back the freshest fruits of the sea. I fish up to 25 miles off Scarborough, which can be worth the risk, but it is a long way off when the weather turns - and seems a lot further off when out in the open water as you can only imagine.


CC Jenkinson & Co. Ltd

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