We are adopting recommend measures to help reduce risk and spread of infection.
Safe Distancing & COVID-19
We are still operating to bring you fresh shellfish directly - observing guidelines regarding delivery & collection.

We catch and retain only the freshest, healthiest and sustainable shellfish in Europe. From sea to plate in hours. Our catch is landed alive, we take great care to ensure our catch is handled and stored and maintain the highest levels of welfare for the catch, by keeping the catch moist and cool we put the catch in to a semi hibernation state while out of the water for the minimum amount of time. This ensures that we deliver the catch in top quality condition, to ensure you receive the most succulent seafood available.

Owing to weather, catches landed, seasonal and markets demands availability may fluctuate. We never know exactly what we are landing from day to day so please give us a call or send us an enquiry - we can then provide you with prices, weights and size etc. If you require anything cooking/dressing please let us know.

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